Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

  • Published: 14 February 2020
  • Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • Teun Mannetje
    Teun Mannetje  1 minutes back

    Billie at 18: winning 5 Granny's
    Me at 18: eating chips en drinking beer all day...,..

    • Reshma Begum
      Reshma Begum  2 minutes back

      Has that kind of bond backtrack love it

      • Martha Guerrero
        Martha Guerrero  3 minutes back

        Very nice song.!

        • Eduarda Souza
          Eduarda Souza  3 minutes back


          • 1 subs before 2022
            1 subs before 2022  3 minutes back

            someone: is this a sad song?

            Billie: Well yes, actually no

            • ً
              ً  3 minutes back

              She saved my life
              When i was in a coma a nurse put on her music and i stood up and turned that shit off

              • Nokia
                Nokia  4 minutes back

                What I don't like about many of the newer bond songs is that they don't keep the essence of the OG one. This one is a good example. It sounds generic and doesn't even have the power of the Da na nana nanana. It's more of a love song than some 007 typa stuff.

                • مجهول
                  مجهول  5 minutes back

                  Billie Ellish : no time to die
                  My Mom : no time to play video games
                  me : yes mom !

                  • Bora Mandalı
                    Bora Mandalı  5 minutes back

                    When I search for Skyfall-Adele, why does this pop up at the top??

                    • arwen_m 77
                      arwen_m 77  6 minutes back

                      That's it. If I write a movie, Billie will be doing the soundtrack.

                      • dave whystherumgone barker

                        no just no this is not a bond theme when there are things like this that should be where is the passion where is the mood?

                        • Kaylee Royal
                          Kaylee Royal  8 minutes back

                          i stared to cry

                          • SudeNaz Kutlu
                            SudeNaz Kutlu  10 minutes back

                            Vanaf 1:48

                            • Оля Ловер
                              Оля Ловер  10 minutes back

                              Я одна русская ??? Ответте кто тоже русский сдесь 👌😅

                              • Trendy Gamer
                                Trendy Gamer  13 minutes back

                                Hype hype hype she’s great and the cast is great. Daniel Craig is about to go out with a bang 💥

                                • Barby Goro
                                  Barby Goro  13 minutes back


                                  • Mimmo Tafuro
                                    Mimmo Tafuro  13 minutes back

                                    No time to die 🔥🔥🔥

                                    • Jason Ullah
                                      Jason Ullah  14 minutes back

                                      dog shit vocalist massively overated

                                      • Pending-
                                        Pending-  14 minutes back


                                        • J D
                                          J D  14 minutes back

                                          it's close to ADELE'S SKYFALL but no cigar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          • Aakash Verma
                                            Aakash Verma  16 minutes back

                                            You're to young to die

                                            • Stokrotka Msp
                                              Stokrotka Msp  16 minutes back

                                              I lovet i lovet i lovet i lovet

                                              • — jeeliona —
                                                — jeeliona —  17 minutes back


                                                • Ayşe Doğanay
                                                  Ayşe Doğanay  17 minutes back

                                                  💙💙I LOVE U💚💚

                                                  • imsorry_RYTUTIYI
                                                    imsorry_RYTUTIYI  18 minutes back

                                                    no one:
                                                    my teacher playing the piano:

                                                    • Гречка UwU
                                                      Гречка UwU  18 minutes back

                                                      • Sango KU
                                                        Sango KU  19 minutes back

                                                        Everybody's going to hate me but i don't like this song

                                                        • Agi Bagi
                                                          Agi Bagi  19 minutes back

                                                          Im just crying all the time when I listen to this 🥺❤

                                                          • Amy Selfridge
                                                            Amy Selfridge  21 minutes back

                                                            goosebumps lookin like mountains

                                                            • Anouk c:
                                                              Anouk c:  21 minutes back

                                                              I'll literally slap all that bishes that are saying Billie can't sing. I swear by my life

                                                              Those people just have NO idea what real talent is, if they don't like the way she sings like her songs it's fine but imma slap those people saying she doesn't have any talent

                                                              • Talita Carneiro
                                                                Talita Carneiro  22 minutes back

                                                                I love You Billie

                                                                • Adam Westbrook
                                                                  Adam Westbrook  23 minutes back

                                                                  At the beginning did anyone else get disturbed's sound of silence?

                                                                  • Taylor Mcbrien
                                                                    Taylor Mcbrien  24 minutes back

                                                                    I feel like over the years James bond songs have got more and more depressing until know its just depression in its true form

                                                                    No hate just my honest opinion

                                                                    • Ollie Orkins
                                                                      Ollie Orkins  25 minutes back

                                                             far the weakest most insignificant Bond song ever....epic fail Brocoli...

                                                                      • jclaudia100
                                                                        jclaudia100  25 minutes back

                                                                        Love you Billie

                                                                        • BA Student
                                                                          BA Student  26 minutes back

                                                                          this song isnt what i would listen to because it is not welll good at all it actually is very bad in my opinion and half of these people are liars but it might just be me i havent listened to all of it but i will see if i like it

                                                                          • GO NEWS HUB Learning
                                                                            GO NEWS HUB Learning  26 minutes back


                                                                            • Stephen Riley
                                                                              Stephen Riley  28 minutes back

                                                                              Utter crap.

                                                                              • David Real
                                                                                David Real  28 minutes back

                                                                                Man,woman,girl,boy,straight,gay,black,white,Asian,tall,short,Christians,Catholics,Muslims,Jews,Hindu,Buddhist,atheist,agnostic,satanists, I wanna tell you Jesus loves you sooo much and he cares about you.

                                                                                • Arsa Sokoli
                                                                                  Arsa Sokoli  29 minutes back

                                                                                  Is wonderfull
                                                                                  I loovee you Billie😇😍😍

                                                                                  • Daniel Kl.
                                                                                    Daniel Kl.  29 minutes back

                                                                                    Wow! What for Song!

                                                                                    • Prabhjot Singh
                                                                                      Prabhjot Singh  30 minutes back

                                                                                      The only diff between this and live performances are the claps and shouts of the audience
                                                                                      She even closed her eyes

                                                                                      • James Berry
                                                                                        James Berry  32 minutes back

                                                                                        2:29 "Faces from my ba$tard son"

                                                                                        • Isabel Herrarte
                                                                                          Isabel Herrarte  32 minutes back

                                                                                          Billie is perfect and i love billie

                                                                                          • sabrina spellman
                                                                                            sabrina spellman  32 minutes back

                                                                                            Brasil ???? 💚💙💛🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

                                                                                            • Zivan Radovanovic
                                                                                              Zivan Radovanovic  33 minutes back

                                                                                              I love you

                                                                                              • Josy SoUsa
                                                                                                Josy SoUsa  33 minutes back

                                                                                                Eu amooo tanto😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💚

                                                                                                • Susilein10
                                                                                                  Susilein10  34 minutes back

                                                                                                  ♥ Love you ♥