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verb-intransitive - To look with the eyes partly closed, as in bright sunlight.

verb-intransitive - To look or glance sideways.

verb-intransitive - To look askance, as in disapproval.

verb-intransitive - To have an indirect reference or inclination.

verb-intransitive - To be affected with strabismus.

verb-transitive - To cause to squint.

verb-transitive - To close (the eyes) partly while looking.

noun - The act or an instance of squinting.

noun - A sideways glance.

noun - A quick look or glance: Take a squint at this view.

noun - An oblique reference or inclination.

noun - See strabismus

noun - A hagioscope.

adjective - Looking obliquely or askance.

adjective - Squint-eyed.

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