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noun - Any of various tendril-bearing plants of the genus Cucurbita, having fleshy edible fruit with a leathery rind and unisexual flowers.

noun - The fruit of any of these plants, eaten as a vegetable.

verb-transitive - To beat, squeeze, or press into a pulp or a flattened mass; crush. See Synonyms at crush.

verb-transitive - To put down or suppress; quash: squash a revolt.

verb-transitive - To silence or fluster, as with crushing words: squash a heckler.

verb-intransitive - To become crushed, flattened, or pulpy, as by pressure or impact.

verb-intransitive - To move with a splashing or sucking sound, as when walking through boggy ground.

noun - The act or sound of squashing.

noun - The fact or condition of being squashed.

noun - A crushed or crowded mass: a squash of people.

noun - Sports A racket game played in a closed walled court with a rubber ball.

noun - Chiefly British A citrus-based soft drink.

adverb - With a squashing sound.

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