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adverb - In the condition or manner expressed or indicated; thus: Hold the brush so.

adverb - To the amount or degree expressed or understood; to such an extent: She was so weary that she fell.

adverb - To a great extent; to such an evident degree: But the idea is so obvious.

adverb - Because of the reason given; consequently: She was weary and so fell.

adverb - Afterward; then: to the gas station and so home.

adverb - In the same way; likewise: You were on time and so was I.

adverb - Apparently; well, then. Used in expressing astonishment, disapproval, or sarcasm: So you think you've got troubles?

adverb - In truth; indeed: "You aren't right.” "I am so!”

adjective - True; factual: I wouldn't have told you this if it weren't so.

adjective - In good order: Everything on his desk must be exactly so.

conjunction - Usage Problem With the result or consequence that: He failed to appear, so we went on without him.

conjunction - Usage Problem In order that: I stayed so I could see you.

pronoun - Such as has already been suggested or specified; the same: She became a loyal friend and remained so.

interjection - Used to express surprise or comprehension: So! You've finished your work at last.

idiom - so as to In order to: Mail your package early so as to ensure its timely arrival.

idiom - so that In order that: I stopped so that you could catch up.

idiom - so that With the result or consequence that.

idiom - so what Used to express contempt or lack of interest.

noun - Music Variant of sol1.

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