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adverb - To the same extent or degree; equally: The child sang as sweetly as a nightingale.

adverb - For instance: large carnivores, as the bear or lion.

adverb - When taken into consideration in a specified relation or form: this definition as distinguished from the second one.

conjunction - To the same degree or quantity that. Often used as a correlative after so or as: You are as sweet as sugar. The situation is not so bad as you suggest.

conjunction - In the same manner or way that: Think as I think.

conjunction - At the same time that; while: slipped on the ice as I ran home.

conjunction - For the reason that; because: went to bed early, as I was exhausted.

conjunction - With the result that: He was so foolish as to lie.

conjunction - Though: Great as the author was, he proved a bad model. Ridiculous as it seems, the tale is true.

conjunction - In accordance with which or with the way in which: The hotel is quite comfortable as such establishments go. The sun is hot, as everyone knows.

conjunction - Informal That: I don't know as I can answer your question.

pronoun - That; which; who. Used after same or such: I received the same grade as you did.

pronoun - Chiefly Upper Southern U.S. Who, whom, which, or that: Those as want to can come with me.

preposition - In the role, capacity, or function of: acting as a mediator.

preposition - In a manner similar to; the same as: On this issue they thought as one.

idiom - as is Informal Just the way it is, with no changes or modifications: bought the samovar as is from an antique dealer.

idiom - as it were In a manner of speaking; as if such were so.

noun - An ancient Roman coin of copper or copper alloy.

noun - An ancient Roman unit of weight equal to about one troy pound.

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